Anonymous: What dumb shit do delena actually do together? I'm just curious. Don't you get it? Damon doesn't challenge Elena, he ruins her. He diminishes her character by constantly needing her to keep him in check. Damon only wants to be the better person when they're together. They're not as special and perfect as you think. You're consumed by the overall description of Delena to fully see how wrong they are, and how wrong they are for each other. No hate I just wanted to say that.

I preferably ship Delena, but if you don’t, that’s okay too, we have way different opinions, I guess. But, I don’t think Damon ruins her at all, if she’s with Stef or Damon shit will always happen to her because she’s involved with vamps, bad shits always going to happen. I just think he is dangerous and nothing she is so they go well together. And she makes him think twice about everything he does and I love Damon so much when he’s with Elena. He is all over the place and he’s always getting into shit but I think that’s something Elena needs. Damon is my overall favorite character (other than Rebekah) from the show and I just love seeing him happy with Elena, so therefore, I adore Delena.

How could you not like Delena? Don’t get me wrong, I love Stefan but nothing beats Damon and Elena together. Damon makes Elena try knew things, sometimes good and sometimes bad. He puts a little adventure and danger in her life. And Elena makes Damon want to be a better person. They’re the perfect duo and I just absolutely love them together so much. Stelena is so plain and nothing new or exciting. Delena is crazy and does dumb shit together.