I think it’s funny how guys say when girls wear too much make up its lying to them. I have never ever in my life put on make up just for a guy to think I was that beautiful, make up makes ME feel beautiful, it makes ME feel confident. Me nor every other girl in this world are trying to impress you so shut the fuck up and stop saying girls are lying to you.

I just watched the promo for season 6 of TVD and I just don’t fucking understand how everybody seems so calm and okay AFTER DAMON AND BONNIES DEATH… Like especially Stefan and Caroline (and of course Elena but we all see how bad she’s handling it) like, Stefan’s brother of like 300 years is dead and he seems so calm after 4 months and Caroline’s BEST FRIEND is dead and she seems perfectly fine. I’m not even these people and I’m literally so heart broken over Damon’s death like you have no idea how upset I am over it. I JUST DONT GET IT